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What are hydraulic hose swivels?

April 21, 2021 581

Swivel-type fittings are designed to allow the coupling and hose connection to rotate, which prevents twisting, kinking and excessive bending. That can extend hose life and reduce maintenance needs. It can also make for more efficient system plumbing. 

Using swivels can reduce the length of hose required between connections, eliminate the need for bent tubing to accommodate angled connections, and often can be connected directly to the hose line without adapters. Because swivel joints move, they can compensate for hose length changes when the system pressurizes and absorb hydraulic surges and shocks in a line.

We have our own crimp machine, and there are professional workers to operate the machine and adjust the tightness of the crimping before starting, around 3.00mm, too loose or too tight will affect the actual use of the product.

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